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LaserQuote, the premiere laser cutting quoting software, cleans DXF’s and DWG’s ready for high efficiency true-shape nesting. Get your laser cutting costings done in seconds including secondary and subcontracted operations. We support any profile cutting and fabrication process and much more.

Full CRM Functionality
emails - notes-reminders

LaserQuote laser cutting quoting software includes communication channels with customers via email , integrated phone apps, notes and reminders. You can even use it for bulk announcements and newsletters.






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Powerful Nesting
unmatched in the industry

Send us your DXF files with quantities and material sizes and our laser cutting quoting software will generate an automated nest for comparison with your current nesting solution. We anticipate a saving of up to 20% in material efficiencies thanks to LaserQuote’s advanced nesting capabilities.





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Professional Quote
design a quote to match

Design a PDF Quote that matches your company colours and format. Plenty of flexibility with fields , operations and conditional displays of data. Our laser cutting quoting software provides over 1000+ options for flexibility and brand matching.






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Our friendly support team
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Our friendly support team us here to help with your laser cutting quoting software needs. Need help with training, custom functionality , or just a clarification on any topic? We’ll be there to lend a helping hand.


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Evolve to full ERP
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If you ever outgrow LaserQuote upgrade to RanFab our fully featured ERP system with more functionality such as production control, scheduling, inventory and purchasing. Keep all your data and get instant access without headaches and stress.

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Stop wasting time trying to do it the “right way” and build your app from scratch. LaserQuote is faster, easier, and you still have complete control.

Pricing & Features

Our pricing is incredibly simple and flexible.

Fabricators of all sizes need access to LaserQuote, so we have a flexible pricing system for any profile-cutting business. The higher the number of users, the lower the price. The yearly billing cycle comes with a 45% discount from the regular monthly price. All features listed are included in every plan.

LaserQuote Plans
$ 75 /mo

starting from / per seat

Unlimited Quotes

Custom Quotes Design

Advance Nesting Algorithm

Automated CAD Importer

Secondary Processes

Subcontracted Operations

Secondary Processes

Long Products Nesting


Excel Integrations

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