Software for fabricators and profile cutting

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There are many ways that software can help a fabrication business. Some examples include:

  1. CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software: This software allows engineers and designers to create detailed, accurate models and drawings of the parts or products that will be fabricated. These models can be used to develop production-ready drawings for manufacturing and simulate and test the final product’s performance.

  2. CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software: This software translates the design files created in CAD software into instructions that can be used to guide manufacturing equipment, such as CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. CAM software can also optimise manufacturing to minimise production costs and improve efficiency.

  3. Manufacturing execution systems (MES): These systems help to manage and control the manufacturing process, including tracking and monitoring the progress of production, identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and generating reports and analytics to improve decision-making.

  4. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software: This software integrates all of the different functions of a business, including manufacturing, sales, finance, and more, into a single system. It can help to streamline business processes, improve communication and collaboration, and provide real-time visibility into the status of projects and orders. Idronic’s RanFab ERP software solution tick all these boxes, and it’s a simple update from LaserQuote.

  5. Quoting and Estimation software, designed explicitly for profile cutters, are critical to the success of a profilecutting business. Contract cutting is a timesensitive industry where the fastest response to an inquiry will most likely allocate you the order. The problem is that it also tends to be a highvolume quoting industry with a win rate in the 50% area. The prime focus is picking the software that can quote fast, accurately and efficiently. LaserQuote fits this template perfectly! It was designed to predictably and accurately generate quotes from CAD and nonCAD sources with little or no training required.

Overall, the software can help a fabrication business by improving design and engineering, streamlining manufacturing processes, managing production, and improving overall business operations.

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